Dear friends, colleagues, and fellow enthusiasts,

I am thrilled to announce that my book, “The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics,” has been published and is now available as a softback printed version or on Amazon in the Kindle format. To access a physical copy email

For those of you who have been following my journey, I’m excited to share this culmination of years of dedication and exploration. The book delves into the profound world of classical physics, offering insights and perspectives that I believe will resonate with both seasoned physicists and curious minds alike.

Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of the universe or simply an engaging read, I’m confident that the book has something to offer for everyone.


Dr. Mills has replaced the field generally known as Quantum Mechanics which postulates that classical physical laws do not apply at the atomic scale by deriving a new atomic theory of from those first principles, which unifies Maxwell’s Equations, Newton’s Laws, and General and Special Relativity. The central feature is that physical laws hold over all scales, from the scale of subatomic particles to that of the cosmos.

Quantum Mechanics has remained mysterious to all who have encountered it. Schrödinger postulated a boundary condition Ψ → 0 as r → ∞ of a wavelike positional probability for a singularity that is everywhere at once until measurement. The result was a purely algorithmic mathematical model of the hydrogen atom. In contrast, Mills solved the exact structure of matter and energy and related phenomena from known classical physics, (e.g., Maxwell’s Equations wherein under special conditions, an extended distribution of charge may accelerate without radiating energy). This leads to a physical model of subatomic particles, atoms, and molecules. The closed-form solutions containing fundamental constants only agree with experimental observations demonstrating that the fundamental quantum mechanical postulate, “classical physical laws do not apply to the atomic scale”, was erroneous.

From two basic equations, the key building blocks of organic chemistry have been solved, allowing the true physical structure and parameters of an infinite number of organic molecules up to infinite length and complexity to be obtained. These equations were also applied to bulk forms of matter, such as the allotropes of carbon, the solid bond of silicon and the semiconductor bond; as well as fundamental forms of matter such as the ionic bond and the metallic bond; and major fields of chemistry such as that of silicon, tin, aluminum, boron, and coordinate compounds.

Further, the Schwarzschild Metric is derived by applying Maxwell’s Equations to electromagnetic and gravitational fields at particle production. This modifies General Relativity to include the conservation of spacetime and gives the origin of gravity, the families and masses of fundamental particles, the acceleration of the expansion of the universe (predicted by Dr. Mills in 1995 and since confirmed experimentally), and overturns the Big Bang model of the origin of the universe.

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