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The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics

April 2023 Edition
by Dr. Randell L. Mills

Available in PDF format:

Download Volume 1: Atomic Theory (9.2 MB PDF File)
Download Volume 2A: Molecular Physics (50.8 MB PDF File)
Download Volume 2B: Molecular Physics (26.6 MB PDF File)
Download Volume 3: Collective Phenomena, High-Energy Physics and Cosmology (8.9 MB PDF File)

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Volume 1: Classical Physics (CP) model of the structure of the electron and the photon used to solve atoms and their states and the subsequent closed-form solutions of the fundamental experiments of atomic physics.

Stream Volume 1: Chapters 1 – 10

Volume 2: The solution of the 26 parameters of hydrogen molecular ions and molecules from two basic equations, one to calculate geometric parameters and the other to calculate energies, and the extension of these results to solve the majority of the important functional groups of chemistry that serve as building blocks to give the exact solutions of the majority of possible molecules and compositions of matter.

Stream Volume 2A: Chapters 11 – 15

Stream Volume 2B: Chapters 16 – 23

Volume 3: Collective phenomena such as the basis of the statistical thermodynamic relationships and superconductivity, the basic forces and structure of matter on the nuclear scale and the cosmological ramifications of CP such as the identity of absolute space that unifies all frames of reference, solves the nature of the gravitational and inertial masses and their equivalence, gives the derivation of Newton’s second law, and solves the origin of gravity, the families and masses of fundamental particles, and large-scale features and dynamics of the universe including the prediction of the current acceleration of the cosmic expansion and the absence of time dilation in redshifted quasars. The central enigmas of quantum mechanics mainly regarding the wave-particle duality are also resolved classically.

Stream Volume 3: Chapters 24 – 42 and Appendix