TPV-SunCell®: Primary Power Source That Will Change the World.

The SunCell® comprises a plasma cell that injects hydrogen and catalyst, and two electromagnetic pumps serve as electrodes by injecting intersecting molten tin streams from corresponding reservoirs wherein the connected streams carry a low voltage, high current to form a Hydrino®-reaction plasma in a reaction chamber. The SunCell® is an optical power source that is mated with a commercial dense receiver array (DRA) comprising an ensemble of concentrator photovoltaics cells (CPV) that operate at 1000 times the light intensity of solar-farm PV cells to produce electrical power for total electrification of essentially all power loads. The autonomous SunCell® (i) comprises standard recyclable materials with no expected supply chain issues, (ii) it is manufacturable with known commercial vendor-supplied components, and (iii) upon successful commercialization, it will be able to service all major energy markets: thermal, electrical, and electric motive (e.g. automotive, truck, rail, marine, aviation, aerospace) using existing electrical devices and systems.

Optical power or radiation transfers power at 10 to 100 times the power per area compared to conduction and convection of combustion and nuclear power plants. The 3000-5000K SunCell® plasma emits radiation at a power density of 4.6 to 35 MW/m2, corresponding to an extraordinary 150 kW to 1.14 MW, respectively, transmitted through an 8-inch diameter window. With light recycling, the transmitted radiation incident a CPV DRA can be converted from optical to electrical power at over 50% efficiency enabling extraordinary performance, logistics, low capital cost, and projected electricity costs of less than $0.001/kWh.

Essentially every imaginable power consuming device in the world can be electrified with proven, cost competitive, reliable, safe, UL approved, warranted systems, mass produced and supported by the world’s OEMs. The SunCell® can power these devices completely autonomously of fuels and grid infrastructure, operating in essentially any environment at greater power density and power to weight ratio than any prior known power source.



Shown on the right –

Commercial prototype optical power source to directly produce clean electricity for essentially all applications.

TPV-SunCell®: How It Works

Product with widest market implications utilizing existing TPV technology.

  • Plasma is generated through Hydrino® process.
  • Plasma comprises a 3000-5000 Kelvin blackbody radiator that emits brilliant light similar to the operation of a tungsten filament in a halogen bulb.
  • Radiation transfers power at 10 to 100 times the power per area compared to conduction and convection.
  • The 3000-5000K plasma emits radiation at an extraordinary power density of 4.6 to 35 MW/m2.
  • Light emitted is converted by dense receiver array of concentrator PV cells delivering the power output.
  • Infrared light that is PV inactive is reflected to the blackbody, absorbed, and recycled as more blackbody radiation to greatly increase the efficiency to as high as 85%.

Dense Receiver Array Side of Geodesic-Dome TPV Converter

SunCell ® with TPV Converter

Concentrator Solar Power

To reduce solar panel coverage area, sunlight concentrators are employed to increase the sunlight intensity to a thousand times natural intensity. 

Front of Dense Receiver Array

Back of Dense Receiver Array With Cooling Water Inlets and Outlets