In addition to highly accurate power balance measurements by the recording the temperature change and water boil off of the water bath calorimeter (August 23rd video), SunCell® power measurements are being performed in molten gallium metal calorimeters.  Rather than a water bath for cooling, a pool of 20-50 kg of gallium metal serves as a large heat sink, and the power is recorded by the increase in temperature of the gallium bath that is well mixed by an electromagnetic pump that also serves as a molten metal injector and an electrode of a pair to maintain a unique very low voltage plasma.  Even with a specially fabricated thick-walled spherical cell and a large metal heat sink, the power developed as soon as the hydrogen flows into the cell is so great that it causes a blowout through the thick stainless steel wall. The theoretical power from conventional chemistry with hydrogen addition is zero.  The reaction of atomic hydrogen to hydrino or dark matter form of hydrogen catalyzed by HOH catalyst present in trace is the basis of this extraordinary hydrogen power source.

View the video of the SunCell® molten metal calorimeter on our Videos page or directly on YouTube, or Vimeo.