The SunCell® is very responsive to hydrogen flow and pressure conditions as shown in this real-time video wherein the hydrogen flow rate and pressure were adjusted to cause to the plasma to become very conductive with a concomitant increase in ignition current that demonstrated positive feedback. The power was recorded by the increase in temperature of a gallium bath of known mass and specific heat that is well mixed by an electromagnetic pump that also serves as a molten metal injector and an electrode of a pair to maintain a unique very low voltage plasma. With adjustment of the hydrogen flow, the excess power over input measured by molten metal bath calorimetry increased from 100 kW to 200 kW in about ½ liter of reaction volume corresponding to about 535 HP/liter of excess power due to the hydrino reaction. The reactor wall excess heating or localized heating are not commercial impediments since they can be managed with cooling technology. These tests are to determine optimum conditions and to project power densities for engineering applications and power conversion systems.

View the real-time video of the SunCell® Optimization of Power Density and Uniformity on our Videos page or directly on YouTube, or Vimeo.