Theory Review

Theory Review: Core chapters of the solutions of the basic problems of chemistry and quantum physics such as ones regarding analytical classical solutions for the one electron atom, Lamb Shift, fine structure, hyperfine structure, Stern Gerlach experiment, g factor,...

120718 Shakedown Testing

Video of shakedown testing of our inverted-pedestal-electrode reactor before our planned demonstration for DOD scientists next week is now available for viewing on our Videos page or directly on YouTube.

Cubic Cell Test 111419

Brilliant Light has successfully developed the technology to run long duration continuous hydrino reaction power at very high power levels and power gain. Continuous plasma: red in seconds, status at 10 minute duration. See images below.

Scale-up, process, control, and design advances

Brilliant Light Power has successfully shown that the SunCell® easily scales and is capable of raising its temperature, including the large amount of internal molten gallium, from room temperature to the melting point of stainless steel in seconds. We have developed...