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Let me start with couple of scenarios: First, imagine using one liter of water to power two-thousand miles of distance on your Tesla. Next, imagine if you could generate as much power from that liter of water as an eighth of a ton of coal. If these scenarios grab your interest, then let me tell you about an amazing company called Brilliant Light Power.

Led by a Dr. Randall Mills, graduate of both MIT and the Harvard Medical School, the company has invented a plasma-based primary source of power that converts hydrogen atoms of water molecules to dark matter. The process has the great advantage of not required conventional fuels, so it has a high sustainability factor.

Their SunCell product catalytically converts hydrogen into a dark matter form called Hydrino. The process results in a release of brilliant (hence the name) high-energy light which is converted to energy to support the generation of electricity using photovoltaic cells. The commercial prospects here for a newly sustainable means for electricity generation are considerable.

The way the physics works is that energy is released when hydrogen is separated from water, but this is done differently that one might have seen elsewhere. In this case, a catalyst causes hydrogen atoms of water molecules to transition to lower energy Hydrino states. This happens when electrons fall into a tighter radius around the nucleus.

During a lengthy discussion today with our TAG Climate team, Dr, Mills gave us even deeper details on the approach. We followed him, for example, on a journey through the results of a recent paper in which compelling proof is provided via electron paramagnetic resonance of the existence of the molecular hydrino. This might seem esoteric, but it is a major finding to quantum physicists.

We also spent time on the business considerations for the SunCell product. Dr. Mills explained in simple terms how facility or factory managers would be wise to use his product to generate spectacularly cheap energy (perhaps through baseboard electric heaters) as a replacement for conventional fuel burning options such as traditional boilers.

From a TAG Climate analyst perspective, it was impossible not to catch Dr. Mills’ infectious approach and enthusiasm. His determination to drive this technology to commercial adoption is refreshing and indicative of the reason we started our climate science advisory in the first place – namely, to celebrate business innovation as a solution to carbon emission growth.

A challenge that we expect Brilliant Light and Power to experience is that their emphasis on the underlying physics, while necessary and appropriate, is challenging – and could easily cause difficulties for less informed buyers. Our advice to this fine company is to invest in a marketing, promotion, and sales capability that can explain this advance in non-scientific terms.

That said, we are highly bullish on this amazing science, creative design, and world class founder. It seems inconceivable that this new approach to energy production via dark matter will not become a standard means for delivery across the country – and world. Presumably, many existing business interests will fight this progression, but that is true for nearly every major advance in history. Just about everything new must ultimately replace something old.

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Dr. Edward Amoroso
Founder and CEO of TAG InfoSphere