We tested the SunCell® with a commercial-scale molten gallium to water heat exchanger for the first time. The hydrino reaction kinetics increase non-linearly with cell operating temperature. The SunCell® reactor wall in contact with water limits the reaction temperature and power. We invented a solution wherein we achieved a gain of over ten times the input power at greater than 250 kW excess power and a corresponding extraordinary power density of over 5 MW/liter under relatively mild conditions. We show here a time-lapsed video of a continuous 20-minute duration test wherein the heat exchanger performed flawlessly. The results of these trials demonstrate the utility of the SunCell® towards the goal of a commercial heater of several hundred kilowatts to service the greater than $8T/y thermal market. We plan to build upon this system to develop a thermal generator suitable for early field trials of a hot water heater and then a pressurized steam boiler. We are also developing a molten gallium to air heat exchanger that can power thermal loads, and additionally serve as the power source of a Brayton cycle microturbine to generate electricity.

More details on commercial engineering of the molten metal heat exchanger, the gas turbine power system and also magnetohydrodynamic power conversion are given in our Business Overview Presentation [https://brilliantlightpower.com/pdf/Overview_Presentation.pdf].

Video of time-lapsed 20-minute SunCell® -heat exchanger test.