SunCell Reliability and High Frequency Sound

Mar 2022

SunCell Reliability and High Frequency Sound

The visible-light concentrator thermophotovoltaic SunCell® (cTPV-SunCell®) shown in this photo comprises a plasma cell that injects hydrogen and catalyst, and two electromagnetic pumps serve as electrodes by injecting intersecting molten tin streams from corresponding reservoirs containing 10-12 kg of tin wherein the connected streams carry a low voltage, high current to form a Hydrino®-reaction plasma with an energy release of 200 times that of burning the hydrogen that can be obtained from water as a 0.5% parasitic load.

A new SunCell® was put into service on the former gallium boiler station, and it worked out of the shop demonstrating its reliability:

The SunCell® was run to its thermal failure limit. By using a larger plasma window to facilitate a balance between the power generated by the Hydrino reaction and the power radiated through the window, the duration is being extended to an indefinite one.

An interesting aspect of the SunCell® is that the Hydrino reaction initiated by constant DC current emits a high frequency sound. This is another example from Station 4 ran on February 16th:

*The camera attenuates the intensity of the brilliant white light emitted to reveal contrast wherein the filtering is evident by the darkening of the periphery.

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