We are engineering commercial thermal and electrical power sources wherein the SunCell® operates at high-temperature capable of providing 1000 °C liquid gallium to a liquid-gallium-to-air heat exchanger to generate high temperature air for thermal loads and also power a Brayton cycle turbine to generate electrical power.  With suitable reaction conditions at high temperature operation, the SunCell® sustains power generation without input ignition power for over a minute per test event.  The temperature maintains constant or rises significantly during these trials.  The results of these trials demonstrate the utility of SunCell® towards the goal of a commercial heater of several hundred kilowatts to service the greater than $8T/y thermal market.  More details on commercial engineering of the molten metal heat exchanger, the gas turbine power system and also magnetohydrodynamic power conversion are given in our Business Overview Presentation. [https://brilliantlightpower.com/pdf/Overview_Presentation.pdf].