We are developing a new patented power source based on injecting and reacting atomic hydrogen with a catalyst to form a more stable chemical state hydrogen gas call hydrino that we have isolated and characterized by multiple spectroscopies and analytical methodologies. Due to the hydrino product being 200 times more stable than water, water may serve as the source of hydrogen fuel in a proprietary SunCell® power cell. Since the internal field trial of September 22nd, we have designed, engineered, and built a larger diameter SunCell® with increased surface area in contact with a water bath to increase the heat transfer to the bath directly from the reaction cell chamber. This in turn reduced the wall operating temperature to reduce the thermal shock and high-temperature capacity of an internal liner. New materials were tested that reduce the cost to manufacture. The new design also prevents undesirable steam blanketing of the outer cell wall to provide reliable stable steady state heat transfer. The ability to reduce the cell internal operating temperature further improves the lifetime of the cell which should be years. This reaction temperature reduction was achieved without sacrificing high kinetics, power, and gain as previously encountered due to the successful implementation of the two breakthrough innovations of (i) a means to condition the inflowing reactants such that they are in an equivalent chemical state as that of being at extremely high temperature, and (ii) a means to suppress hydrino product inhibition. On September 24th, we started a third internal field trial of our new 250-kW thermal reactor SunCell® having a molten gallium to water heat transfer system to produce boiling water and steam on a continuous basis for a long duration run. A real time excerpt of the trial that is still in progress is shown in this video. We plan to run for 100 hours in preparation for deploying SunCells to commercial customers to perform field trials in their facilities. Our first market objective is the $8T/y thermal market. More details on our new proprietary 100% pollution and CO2-free power source are given in our Business Overview Presentation.