The SunCell® was loaded with a heat sink of 50 kg of gallium and submersed in a 760 liter, vigorously stirred water tank that was initially at room temperature.  The SunCell® internal temperature remained steady at about 400°C which is a typical operating temperature of a steam turbine power plant.  The run duration of two hours was also limited by the thermal tolerance of the water tank, but this larger tank enabled the duration to be doubled compared to the previous run (August 23rd video).  The video camera recording failed early in the run due to the water temperature exceeding that of the camera’s operational limit.  The theoretical power from conventional chemistry with hydrogen addition is zero.  The reaction of atomic hydrogen to hydrino or dark matter form of hydrogen catalyzed by HOH catalyst present in trace is the basis of this extraordinary hydrogen power source.

View the video of the SunCell® Time Lapsed, Two Hour Duration Steam Production Run on our Videos page or directly on YouTube, or Vimeo.