Dr. Mark Nansteel, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley and heat transfer expert validated 100 kW of power continuously producing steam by BrLP’s proprietary hydrino plasma reaction maintained in its SunCell®.  The 100 kW hydrino power measured using the weight of steam produced over a test period by the SunCell® operated under continuous commercial power generation conditions, controllable by changing temperature, current, and glow discharge heating of the reactants flowed into the cell.  The SunCell was observed to be in pristine condition upon final inspection.

More power is possible as shown in previous reports: https://brilliantlightpower.com/validation-reports/
(275 kW to 340 kW)

But 100 kW hydrino power was observed to be a favorable condition for long duration operation without a control system.  Water has to be added back to the water bath or the SunCell® loses cooling after 25 pounds of water boil off wherein the SunCell® begins to be unsubmerged.  So, we limited the run time accordingly for accurate calorimetry, albeit the SunCell® is capable of running indefinitely.  Moreover, with a Brayton cycle turbine addition, the SunCell® gain is sufficient to serve as a stand-alone power source of at least 100 kW thermal with no grid or fuel connection and no CO2 or pollution of any kind.  Over 250 kW and 10-fold gain have been achieved with this design by changing the operational parameters.  We are developing control systems to run at these extreme power density levels without occurring limitations of the cooling system that could lead to damage to the SunCell.

The corresponding SunCell® video to the 100 kW validation is presented: https://brilliantlightpower.com/station-6a-december-10-2020/

[Dr. Mark Nansteel, Ph.D Steam Power Validation Report PDF]