World’s First Closed SunCell: Batch, hydrogen-inventory-limited testing with predominantly noble gas (argon) with some hydrogen having a total pressure slightly over atmospheric. The hydrogen-argon gas is not a combustible mixture. Engineering and low-power testing successful. Ignition with higher H2 inventory resulted in a power surge. The World’s First Closed SunCell is no more. Subsequent slow motion (0.25 real-time) videos are of sequential runs of the World’s Second Closed SunCell that was tested with limited, reduced hydrogen inventories.

World’s First Closed SunCell, Expanded Details:
Note that the massive violet space-filling plasma is independent of the electrified molten gallium stream. Horizontal shock wave striations are observed in the plasma afterglow as the hydrogen fuel is depleted. In the interim to refueling with H2 flow into the over-atmospheric argon cell gas, small sparks are observed due to the applied low voltage DC ignition. No prior known energy-releasing chemical reaction is possible. This plasma as formed and observed cannot be created with prior known technology. For detailed laboratory measurements on the hydrino power reaction, the new power source presented in this video, see our publications such as R. Mills, Y. Lu, R. Frazer, “Power Determination and Hydrino Product Characterization of Ultra-low Field Ignition of Hydrated Silver Shots”, Chinese Journal of Physics, Vol. 56, (2018), pp. 1667-1717 ( that reports 20 MW in 10 millionths of a liter shot.

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