On Thursday January 28th, Brilliant Light Power hosted an invitational public demonstration of its SunCell® technology. During the live demonstration Dr. Mills and his team of engineers successfully presented a working prototype SunCell® producing continuous high light power. During the event Dr. Mills shared historical and current details about the design of the SunCell® and its operation. The SunCell® is expected to be available for commercial use in 2017. Dr. Mills expects commercial units at volume to have a capital cost around $100 per kilowatt capacity. The units will use water as hydrogen fuel, resulting in an on-site, total generation cost of electricity of less than a cent per kilowatt-hour. The BrLP business plan promotes a leasing model for units under power purchase agreements. BrLP anticipates that SunCells® can be used to replace all power sources, such as stationary and motive sources.

  • 0-38 minutes covers a technology and market overview, theory fundamentals, and a history of the evolution of the power system design.
  • 38-53 minutes is a discussion of SunCell design being commercialized, the emission unlike any other light source at hundreds-of-thousands-of-watts power levels and the means to harness it as electrical power.
  • 53-58 minutes is the SunCell plasma demonstration showing hundreds of thousands of watts of power of a nature that was previously only observable on the surface of the Sun and stars.
  • 58+ minutes returns to SunCell hardware details.
  • Q&A starts at 1 hr 27 min with a focus on design implementation.

The demonstration day’s video recording is publicly available at the following link:
Highlights of the Demonstration Day: