On October 26th, 2016, Brilliant Light performed an invitational public presentation by noted speakers and debuted its commercial SunCell® design. British Telecommunications executive Colin Bannon spoke about the dichotomy between profitability and availability of power and commitment to clean energy. Executive Director of ClimateInvestigations.org Kert Davies spoke about the disastrous consequences of continued fossil fuel usage and the dire need for a new clean energy source to avoid drastic reductions in the world’s standard of living. Dr. Mills presented the commercial SunCell® engineering design and a working unit. The cell comprised dual liquid silver metal injectors that further served as the source of electricity to cause ignition of the hydrino plasma reaction. The liquid electrodes eliminated the ¼ inch thick tungsten bar electrodes that vaporized in seconds in the prior design run at Columbia Tech on July 20th (See here for the side view video showing 6000K plasma blackbody radiation filling the glove box; a top view video (available here) showing the melting and vaporization of the electrodes in seconds, and the picture of the vaporized cell). An excerpt of the testing of the commercial SunCell® design having refractory cell components and injection and ignition systems comprising molten electrodes engineered to last indefinitely was shown. The cell went into a self-sustaining mode. Bucknell Professor Dr. Peter Jansson presented his validation results of over one million watts of power in a volume of a coffee cup. The Chief Technology Officer of Columbia Tech John DeCarlo reported on the engineering timeline to a 100 kW commercial unit projected for field tests in the first half of 2017. Masimo Semiconductor’s Head of Business Development and New Product Commercialization Programs Brad Siskavich reported on the timeline to a commercial photovoltaic converter comprising a denser receiver array of concentrator multijunction photovoltaic cells projected to coincide with the SunCell® light source development to achieve the field test unit in the first half of 2017. Then, BrLP executive Dominic Jones presented the go to market strategy and SunCell® commercialization timeline. Presentations in PDF format as well as videos of the presentations are available on the Demonstration Days page. A YouTube playlist of all presentations is available here.