Recent analysis of the cosmic microwave background power spectra indicates that the universe is indeed closed and positively curved as predicted by Dr. Mills (E. Di Valentino, A. Melchiorri, J. Silk, “Planck evidence for a closed Universe and possible crisis for cosmology”, arXiv:1911.02087v1 [astro-ph.CO] 5 Nov 2019). Dr. Mills also analytically predicted the acceleration of the expansion of the cosmos and the observed acceleration rate, years before it was observed. Dr. Mills’ analytical cosmological solution further predicted the Hubble constant being 78.5 km/sMpc (Eq. (32.157)) versus the much lower value that was curve fitted into the current ~12 parameter models which cannot tolerate such a large value. These confirmed predictions have created three sources of crisis regarding current cosmological models such as ΛCDM.