Spanning four years, Dr. Booker, University of North Carolina Physics Professor, has finished validating the equations and computational results of Dr. Mills book entitled The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics.  Dr. Mills theory proves that physical laws apply to the atomic and subatomic scale.  Using classical physics, Dr. Mills has solved all the major problems of chemistry and physics in exact analytical equations from the subatomic to the cosmological scales including molecules of boundless extent and complexity [].  Application of physical laws has been remarkably accurate at predicting many observables such as the existence of Hydrinos and their analytical signatures, the acceleration of the expansion of the cosmos before it was observed, particle masses, images of molecules, mechanics of double slit results, the muonic hydrogen Lamb shift, the Hubble constant in agreement with observations, and more.  Physical laws are accepted universally for engineering.  Dr. Mills anticipates that physical laws will replace postulated algorithmic quantum mechanics in time, accelerated by the existence of Hydrinos as a power source and the identity of Dark Matter, especially since the experimentally proven existence of Hydrinos disproves quantum mechanics.

Reviews by Dr. Randy Booker and Dr. Mark Nansteel