Brilliant Light Power’s (BrLP) SunCell® has been validated to produce power at the 340,000W level corresponding to a remarkable power density of 5,000,000W/liter. The revenue potential for some large thermal markets is about $1 per watt per year corresponding to hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual revenue from a cell that costs under $1000 and uses the hydrogen from water as fuel with no pollution production at all. In the formation of the so-called Hydrino product comprising a more stable form of molecular hydrogen, two hundred times more energy is released than that released in alternatively burning the hydrogen fuel. A prime entry target market of BrLP is the $8.3T/y thermal market. We are testing thermal cooling systems such as the impinging water jets shown in this time-lapsed expert of a test wherein a design is run for about an hour before the next cooling-design iteration is tested. BrLP has recently engaged an expert thermal engineering company to assist in producing a heater to lease to the commercial thermal power market on a per diem basis.