The photovoltaic (PV) conversion efficiency of light into electricity is known to increase with blackbody temperature and light intensity or concentration. Plasma is a blackbody with the highest possible emissivity, it emits and absorbs light with essentially 100% efficiency. Moreover, the Hydrino reaction plasma has a very high temperature. It is capable of a sustained temperature as high as that of the surface of the Sun, 5800K. The corresponding blackbody radiation power at this temperature is an astonishing 64 MW per square meter. With light recycling, even 3000K plasma emission has an energy spectrum and intensity suitable for PV conversion into electricity at a projected high efficiency of over 80%. These high-speed videos are successful tests of a window enabling of the direct conversion of extremely high-power visible light1 emitted by the Hydrino reaction plasma directly into electricity by making it incident on a PV dense receiver array. Due to the 100% infrared absorption efficiency of the plasma, infrared light is recycled to achieve very high efficiency. Recent TPV developments have dramatically changed the prospects for near term, autonomous, pollution-free, inexpensive SunCell® electrical power for essentially all power applications.

1 The light intensity is highly attenuated to avoid saturation of the camera to enable viewing the structure and dynamics of the Hydrino reaction plasma. Two videos are presented, aperture closed followed by aperture partially open.