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Sep 2022

First Light from SunCell® Lightbulb Design

The engineering of the commercial prototype SunCell® having a light-bulb design that required new systems and a novel high-temperature-capable sealing technology was successfully tested using..

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Aug 2022

Hydrino Analytical

Hydrino_States_of_Hydrogen.pdfAnalytical_Presentation.pdf New extraordinary Hydrino confirmation by FTIR that resolves the experimental mysteries of so-called “metaborate monomer” data wherein molecular Hydrino H2(1/4) theoretical predictions match line..

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Aug 2022

GUTCP Review Completed, Webb Shows Predicted Big Bang Bust

We report Dr. Randy Booker, Professor of Physics, University of North Carolina, Asheville has completed the peer review1 of the entire Mills, Grand Unified Theory..

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