Brilliant Light Power, Inc. (BLP) reports commercial scale systems for all power markets.  Specifically, BLP has developed a pilot SunCell® contained in a pressurized vessel that serves as a 250-kW steam boiler (0.5-15 atm pressure) to serve the heated water, heat and hot water space and process heating, desalination, hydrogen production, and syn-fuels markets.  The addition of a water-to-air heat exchanger enables the boiler to serve the heated-air space and process heating markets.  Using an absorption chiller, the boiler is further capable of serving the refrigeration, air conditioning, and data center cooling markets.  Additionally, we have developed a plasma-light window technology to transmit 150-250 kW optical power to thermally power commercial and industrial ovens to serve the corresponding markets such as cooking, grilling, baking, drying, curing, smelting, refining, purifying, hydrogen production, ammonia production, and cement production.  The electrical market is planned to be served by mating this optical SunCell to a commercial concentrator thermophotovoltaic (cTPV) converter.  Using light recycling, the efficiency is projected to be greater than 50%.  The SunCell-cTPV system has application for essentially all power markets including all motive power and thermal markets as well stationary electric power applications. It has no moving parts.  It has unprecedented power density of 10 MW/liter.  It has a small fraction of the weight and cost of conventional electrical equipment.  And it is very safe, autonomous of fuels and grid infrastructure, and CO2 and other pollution free.

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