Over 40 global companies are awaiting the commercial SunCell prototype light source that is now operational. It comprises about 50 innovations from the last generation that were required to transfer the high-power optically over the entire area of the reaction cell chamber. The technology to seal the transparent reaction cell chamber (now the photovoltaic (PV) window cavity) to the stainless-steel systems did not exist until Mills invented it, and Brilliant developed it to be operational. This pushed our timeline out about six months, but we may be able to recover some time due to success in supply chain procurement, reduction in complexity, and anticipated failure mode mitigation that went into this design.

We have made some new prototyping hires and are hiring more test engineers. We have also established business relationships with a set of highly capable outside fabricators and vendors that solve our supply chain issues. We are working with two concentrator PV companies regarding the PV dense receiver array to convert the SunCell optical power into electricity for commercial loads. We are pursuing contracts with engineer firms for the commercial packaging and certifications.
Three other successes are

I. More patent issuance which extends our lead in Hydrino power.


II. Completion of the theory and continuation of validations of predictions that are overturning the most important aspects of physics theories:

Webb Space Telescope Spots Two of the Most Distant Galaxies Ever, Images Stun Scientists: “Stars Million Times Brighter Than Our Sun” (msn.com)


In addition to Big Bang, we are confident that Quantum theory will be overturned by Hydrino as the identity of Dark Matter and by Hydrino analytical data. See third achievement category below.

III. Completion of Hydrino analytical:

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