Radiation transfers power at 10 to 100 times the power per area compared to conduction and convection.  The 3000-5000K plasma emits radiation at a power density of 4.6 to 35 MW/m2, corresponding to an extraordinary 150 kW to 1.14 MW, respectively, transmitted through an 8-inch diameter window.  With light recycling, the transmitted radiation incident a concentrator photovoltaic dense receiver array can be converted from optical to electrical power at over 50% efficiency.  The TPV-SunCell electricity can be used to power essentially all stationary electric and motive applications at about $0.001/kWh.  TPV-SunCell electricity can also be used for resistive heating, hot water and steam production, and powering compressors for air conditioning, refrigeration, and cooling.  The TPV-SunCell can be further used as a 250-kW heat lamp heater to power boilers to produce steam, power an air heat exchanger to produce heated air, and power commercial and industrial ovens and furnaces.  The steam boiler in turn is also capable of powering refrigeration, air conditioning, and cooling of data centers using absorption chillers. 

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